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ABCSCOPE HI-SC01 Day & Night Vision Scope

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HI-SC01 is a digital low-light + IR night vision telescope, which can be used on a camera tripod, or with the included picatinny rail adapter on a pic-rail equipped rifle.  This scope runs on a single 18650 battery (included).

The entire unit runs on a single 18650 battery, which is easily accessed and replaced.  The battery can be charged using the scope and an included USB micro cable.

1080p@60fps HD video recording

Still image recording

Pre- and post- shot video recording, triggered by recoil

One-shot zero; Take a shot, move a second curser to where the round hit, one button records this position, and this is now the new zero

850nm infra-red flashlight (invisible to humans and most animals); this flashlight is very small, but does an amazing job of illumination at ranges to 300+m

Minimum magnification is 4x, digital zoom to 8x, 16x and 32x

Intuitive controls, easy to figure out and use, even in the dark!

Check out the performance on Youtube:

Check out the field testing in this video!

And the display and features in this video!

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