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Safety Guidelines


1.) Never handle firearms when under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
2.) Always hold your firearm with the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, and keep your finger off the trigger, until you are ready to shoot.
3.) Before shooting, identify your target and consider what is behind/around it.
4.) Learn the mechanical and handling characteristics of a firearm before using it.
5.) Firearms should be unloaded or securely stored when not in use, especially when around children and/or other individuals who are unequipped to handle them.
R&D Workshop provides a gun lock with each firearm purchase, however, every state has different firearm storage requirements and you should understand and abide by your state’s storage laws. It is also important to note that locking a device is a significant part of general firearm security, but it is not a substitute for safe firearm handling and proper storage. Remember that any mechanical device can be bypassed with enough time, knowledge, determination, and equipment. At a minimum, you should always:
-Do not store your firearm with the keys in or next to the lock
-Read the owner's manual supplied with your firearm before attempting to install a lock
-Make sure your firearm is completely unloaded before installing a lock
-Keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction when you are installing or removing a lock
-Store firearms, ammunition, and keys separately and securely, away from children and individuals unequipped to handle them

Ultimately, the only person responsible for firearm safety is the owner/user of the firearm. The right to own firearms is under attack. The best way to counter the attacks on lawful firearm ownership is to demonstrate your responsibility as a firearm user. If we, the responsible majority, lose any of our rights, it will be due to the actions of the irresponsible few. We owe it to ourselves, and other firearm owners, to responsibly exercise our second amendment.