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Do you offer in-store pick up?

Yes! We're at 1611 Dakota St, League City, TX 77573

Does R&D do FFL transfers?

Sorry, we are not accepting transfers at this time.  You can however order many firearms through R&D Workshop, and we will typically get them in in just a few days.  Pickup at R&D for these types of orders should be during our normal business hours.

Can I cancel, change, or add something to my order?

If your order hasn’t shipped, we will try our best to accommodate any changes. If your order has already been shipped, then additional fees may apply.  Please note, we ship fast! We will get most orders out within one business day.

Do you offer military/law enforcement discounts?

Absolutely. R&D honors our country’s heroes with a 5% discount in person, as well as facilitating their private transfers for free.

Do you buy used firearms?

Sometimes. If you are interested in selling your firearm, please e-mail pictures and ideal price requested to

Where can I find information on my state's firearm laws?

This link has some great information and tools for researching firearm laws:

What firearms have been de-certified in California?

Check out this link for firearm regulations in California:

Can I thread my barrel for a suppressor?

Maybe.  This video goes into the deatils.  Many hunting rifles have tapered lightweight barrels, with a very small diameter at the muzzle.  These are often times problematic.  Heavy or bull barrels are almost always OK.

My barrel is threaded, how do I know if it's OK to put a suppressor on it?

The basic function of a suppressor is to contain the fireball and reduce the speed of the exiting gases to below super-sonic speed, greatly reducing the sound signature and reducing recoil & flash.  Of course, to do this, one must make sure that the rounds passing through the suppressor don't hit the suppressor baffles.  This video illustrates the 2 main thread types you will encounter, and the effect it has on suppressor mounting.