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Purchasing your suppressor!

Silencer Shop Provides Enhancements to ATF NFA Processing | SOTG

  1. Visit and create your account.
  2. While logged in to your silencer shop account purchase an NFA Tax Stamp.
  3. Visit a kiosk location nearest you, and complete your demographic profile and fingerprinting. Please note that all locations are different, some require appointment and some may have a charge.
  4. After completing the demographic info, it will ask you to download the silencer shop kiosk app to upload your photo. Please be sure this passport style! (Plain white background, hat & glasses removed, shoulders up.
  5. Purchase your suppressor via phone, website or in-person, the email address associated with your Silencer Shop account will be needed so we can assign this suppressor to your account.
  6. If you would like to start a trust you will have additional steps needed based on the type of trust you purchase, please visit the silencer shop website or call our office for help differentiating the types of trusts. Additional steps may include:
    1. Add beneficiaries and have each beneficiary complete the fingerprinting and demographic info
    2. Traditional trusts do require notarization, we do have a notary here at R&D Workshop that can notarize trust info at no charge.
    3. Scan documents back in to your Silencer Shop account.
  7. Once the suppressor has been purchased you will receive a docusign from Silencer Shop to confirm the serial number is the same as the one you purchased. This is usually about 2-3 business days later.
  8. You will also need to create an eforms account, this can be done at: When you create your account, you will be assigned a username, this is not your email, it is auto-generated and is VERY important to keep handy. We suggest writing it down in a safe place along with the 4-digit pin that you create.
  9. Certify your paperwork to acknowledge that all the info is correct before sending off to the ATF. Certification may be done in person or remotely, but since we must complete our portion of the certification at the same time you do, please call ahead and schedule a time with us. As a reminder, you will need your silencer shop login info AND eForm username that was assigned to you and the pin you created. Please note that if doing this remotely you will need a desktop computer, eForms is not compatible with mobile yet.
  10. Purchase complete! Waiting time begins now! Don’t worry we won’t forget about you in this time, we check our submissions daily and will notify you directly once we hear a response on the form. At that time, you will be able to pick up your suppressor. Please note that we can’t get any updates or estimates on approval times on your form. Current wait times can be found at

If you ever have questions,

Please feel free to contact either of us at the following:

R & D Workshop: 832-905-5146 or

Silencer Shop Support: 512-931-4556 or