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MP-40 Restoration

MP-40 from 1943, all matching numbers, restored to firing condition. THIS IS A POST-SAMPLE

Here's what we started with:

This is an exceptional collection of parts, the de-milled receiver was saw-cut fairly straight, and all other parts are present.  We could assemble the gun without the bolt using a brass tube that just fit the receiver inner diameter.  It's pretty close to the real deal, and certainly looks great.

While this would make a fine non-firing historical specimen, it isn't at all functional, does not have the correct weight, is missing parts,...etc..

To make the big step to functionality, first you must have the legal framework in place to allow this.  Assembling a submachine gun, whether from parts or completely from scratch has been illegal for non-FFL licensees since 1968.  Kids (and we mean the big ones too), do not try this at home, or anywhere else!

When done, here's what the controls do, and a quick description of open bolt function: