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Links to good folks, good services, good products that we have tested and we no particular order.

Paul Stevens, Development Advisor @ Onyx Industries

Paul is a super humble MARSOC (Marine Special Operations Command) Enabler/SOC (Special Operations Capable)

Visit his pages below to learn more about his self defense and personal protection courses he has to offer:


Justin Wehring, Primal Style, TX

Justin introduced me to the NFA world, and is largely credited (responsible?) for my FFL manufacturer transition.  Justin is based near Freeport, TX, great spot for offshore fishing, and apparently, military vehicles.  If you need a tank or tracked transport of almost any kind, Justin can fix you up.  He also seems to have mini-guns available whenever I visit, so for all your ranch needs, contact Justin.  He's a vet, and a great all-around guy.


2330 CF 223

Richwood, TX

Don Fraley, Advanced Weapons Technology

I took Don's long range couse a few years back, shooting out to 1000 yds, got the full demo of how to make a precision rifle.  Don is an accomplished sniper, and he knows how to make a great rifle.  He made me a 300 PRC, which is my go-to big-boy gun.


Mike Shea, Guns n Guns

Mike is an ex-navy flyer, who thought a gym and a gun business would go well together.  He is best at some pretty incredible engraving work, the standard stuff you can see in a bunch of places, but also multi-color color backfill work that is really special.

Here are some AR-15 lowers:

VMI multi color logos.

Marine corps single color, showing the detail possible

This is a demo of many colors, on an ammo can.  These are not decals!  They are epoxy back-filled engravings.