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ISB-9 & ISB-45 (Integrally Suppressed Barrels)

Our Integrally Suppressed Barrels (ISB's) are 16.1 inches long, so their use makes a Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) technically and legally a rifle; it's a single stamp solution to get a suppressed PCC.  The barrels are 8 inches long, and have a pinned and welded monocore-style baffle system.  Our PCC monocore design is a double helix, inspired by the spiral baffle pioneered by the WW2 suppressed Sten.  The outer shell is steel, which overlaps the barrel completely, to make use of the volume around the barrel.  The outer shell is removable to clean the baffles, and to keep you from losing cleaning patches in the suppressor.

Available in 9mm or 45 caliber with aluminum cores.  The photo below shows a bare aluminum monocore; the standard monocores are Cerakote'd.

When these barrels are built out, they will interface directly with an Aero Enhanced Upper.  Included with each barrel is an adapter, which will fit Mil-Spec uppers, and effectively 'turn them into' the Aero Enhanced Upper interface. This adapter allows the use of the Aero Enhanced handguard, which nicely fits over 1.5" suppressors.

Building out the rifle with an ISB barrel will give you the following in the 9mm configuration:

The ISB-9 comes in at just under 2 lb (mostly barrel weight), but due to the use of an aluminum monocore, the center of gravity of the barrel/suppressor assembly is just 6" from the breach.

We mark these suppressed barrel 'Made in Texas'.  All NFA rules apply today, but we mark our suppressors to take advantage of any change coming from Texas/federal litigation.

Buy ISB-9 here: ISB-9

Beyond PCC, we took the monocre concept to a higher power cartridge with the ISB-300.  Working with 300 BLK super-sonic and sub-sonic, with a steel monocore in a 'fishbone' configuration, the ISB-300 is a perfect hog hunter, especially when paired with night vision.  Curently still a prototype, contact us if you need one of these!

This build is expected to retail for $2399, night vision included!