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Invisible Desktop Stand

Our invisible Desktop stand is designed to highlight the firearm or sword you would like to display. This makes it a little difficult to photograph, but your display items really stand out. The Invisible Desktop Stand has a modern look, yet is assembled using tapered wedges, which were used before nails were even invented!  Here is the stand:

And here it is with an AR-15 stle rifle:

Made from crystal clear acrylic and assembled easily without any messy glues. We developed an assembly joint inspired by ancient woodworking techniques that is secure, simple, and is most importantly…invisible!

The stand on the left is shorter that the one on the right, so that a bolt-action, lever-action, or any more traditional shaped stocked rifle will sit a bit flatter.  This is the 'Bolt-action' model. The 'Standard' desktop stand works great for swords and some modern rifles such as AR-15's, easily accommodating a 30-round magazine.  
We can also provide laser engraving, as an option. Please call us to add laser engraving to your Desktop Stand.  This is one way to really personalize a gift, or to add an element to go with the decor of the room.

Buy Invisible Desktop Stand Now

Buy Invisible Desktop Stand Now