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Artemis Suppressors

Artemis suppressors are for hunting and bench rest shooting. Aluminum body, stainless baffles, direct thread, lifetime guarantee.  Here's the basics:

You can see the complete line at: Suppressors

Artemis, the Goddess of the hunt, was the inspiration for our first line of suppressors. We make them affordable, so you can afford to put one on each firearm.
Artemis suppressors are designed for hunting, long-range shooting, target shooting and similar applications. The only limits of Artemis suppressors are the temperature limits of aluminum. A rate of fire that keeps the outer shell below 200 degrees F is the only limit. The outer shell of each Artemis suppressor is made from high-strength aluminum alloy. Inside this is a second shell of aluminum, specifically selected for its corrosion resistance. We then used Stainless Steel for our baffles to withstand the erosive, super-sonic and hot gasses which pass through them. Use of mostly aluminum and stainless steel only where needed keeps the weight low.