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Finnish 50mm WW2 Mortar, Fully transferrable!

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The 50mm Finnish mortar was a weapon used by the Finnish military during World War II. It was designed to be a lightweight, portable artillery piece that could be used to provide indirect fire support to infantry units. It was used to fire a variety of different types of shells, including high explosive, smoke, and illuminating rounds.

The Finnish 50mm mortar was designed and produced in Finland in the late 1930s and was used extensively during the Winter War with the Soviet Union in 1940. It was highly regarded by the Finnish military for its accuracy and reliability, and it was used in a variety of roles, including as a support weapon for infantry units and as a defensive weapon to protect against enemy armored vehicles.

After World War II, the Finnish 50mm mortar was phased out of use and replaced with newer, more modern weapons. However, it remains a significant piece of Finnish military history and is remembered as a reliable and effective weapon that played an important role in the defense of Finland during the war.

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